LinkedIn profile makeover


LinkedIn is a powerful tool for networking, job search and professional development. It is more than a simple resume. It is something that works for you even when you don’t think about it and don’t put any effort into it. It is something that translates your passion, your values and your vision into a meaningful and powerful profile. It is your online identity, an extended interactive version of your resume which is considered to be more powerful than any resume by a majority of recruiters.


Networking is becoming a separate skill with its own rules, troubles and heroes. There are 128 million of LinkedIn users in the United States and even more from all over the world. Most of the creative jobs are posted in specialized LinkedIn groups first before being posted on job boards. Recent research shows that up to 97% of recruiters start their search from LinkedIn. Certain writers in ResumeYard team used to be successful recruiters before. We know how important it is to have a rich, informative LinkedIn profile that will tell your story to the world.

Even those of us who have a registered LinkedIn profile, haven’t taken the time to fully flesh it out. Still, in order to impress potential employers, an ideal LinkedIn profile should look like something you have been working on for quite a long time, something that you have put a lot of effort into. It is time to consider refinement of your LinkedIn profile.


If you have your LinkedIn profile already

First of all, you will need to give us your email or password to your LinkedIn account. If you prefer not to disclose it, we will edit your profile in .doc

The work on your profile will proceed in 5 steps.

  1. Filling in our Questionnaire. It is a very important step both for you and for us. The more detailed your questionnaire is, the higher is the possibility that your profile would like exactly like you want (or even better).
  2. Conducting analysis. We analyze your current profile and identify its strong and weak sides, build the strategy of its refinement and promotion.
  3. Search engine optimization of your profile. We optimize your profile and 2-3 of your experiences with the right keywords to increase the chances of being seen by employers you are interested in.
  4. Working on your profile. We spotlight your skills and experiences. The profile is developed specifically with your goals in mind to ensure you stand out from the crowd. This will help you get more noticed by employers and be more confident when connecting to people you are interested in. This stage includes:
    • writing a robust summary (list your goals, broader expertise, and success stories)
    • keyword optimization (making a list of relevant keywords, use of targeted words that your potential employer would search for)
    • writing headlines (making them clear, confident, and popular)
    • detailing your job descriptions (working with your job titles to make them more convincing; where necessary, using bullet-pointed lists that incorporate a variety of relevant keywords)
    • outlining supporting elements, including publications, project work.
  5. Branding your profile. This means that we will create a convincing online image of you as a passionate professional with a lot of relevant experience. This includes:
    • adding you to LinkedIn groups of your interest and LinkedIn Today, Channels, and Influencers
    • adding a professional-looking high-quality photo
    • creating posts in LinkedIn groups
    • endorsements help add to the overall value of your professional profile
    • claiming your personal URL

Finally, remember that close cooperation between you and your writer is something that will allow us to make your profile even better. The more information you provide us with, the more likely your profile will correspond with your vision.

If you don’t have any LinkedIn profile, we will create it for you and then proceed with the same 5 steps

Further pieces of advice

LinkedIn is a dynamic tool and it looks more powerful when it is updated frequently. The best LinkedIn profiles were not written at once, they are usually a fruit of long-term work and regular update:

  1. Be visible. Stand out by updating your status with projects you're working on, stuff you're reading (and your opinions on them), and events you're attending. Your brand is not just who you are; it’s what you do.
  2. Build recommendations (10 or more recommendations will elevate your profile’s search ranking). But also give recommendations, people in your connections will appreciate it.
  3. Update your Honors & Awards, Skills, Languages, and Education regularly.
  4. Benefit from networking opportunities such as group participation, follow more groups, organizations, and influencers.

Remember, a LinkedIn in profile is going to work for you even when you are on vacations. It is a helpful tool in your job search which can boost your career if used in a smart and creative way.